New online affiliates like me get bombarded with advertisements and all sorts of websites and tools promising to help me make money working from home. You eventually find yourself sifting through this information, with new information coming through everyday, only to realize six months later that you have not even scratched the surface as far as starting your online business is concerned.


At some point you have to start marketing the products and kick-start your online business. This is how I would go about it:-


  1. Obviously somebody has introduced you to affiliate marketing, most of the time it is someone who owns a website and has some level of success already.
  2. Decide what you are passionate about; this is to be your niche. I know I have always been passionate about developing business ideas and finding ways to make money online, so this is developing to be my niche.
  3. Investigate tools that will help you generate traffic and achieve search engine optimization. This could be PPC, blogging, forums, email, facebook, twitter, traffic exchanges. The list could go on, but I will not refer you to particular links here as I know how frustrating that can be already.
  4. Decided based on your circumstances, what will work for you. I love sharing and writing, therefore I am trying my hand at blogging and forums. I do some twitter as well.
  5. Now organize your business, decide on the number of products you are going to promote. Clickbank Pirate takes care of this already as they group the affiliate products for you, monetize your blog, as well as do follow up marketing to your prospects. So this I would highly recommend if you are starting out. This means you don’t need to individually promote each clickbank affiliate link.
  6. Implement your marketing strategy at this point. Start promoting your online business using the tools you have selected.
  7. Be consistent when doing this, post on your blog daily, contribute to the forums daily, and update your fans/followers on facebook and twitter daily.  This could take you an hour a day. Search engines like Google really love new content, so this could help you to drive traffic to your sites.
  8. Try doing this for 3-6 months. It is bound to yield some results.