Clickbank Pirate makes it so easy to optimise clickbank, especially for a beginner. When i signed up as a clickbank affiliate, i did not have a website so i was very frustrated that i needed to do PPC campaigns for each product that I needed to sell. Quite costly if you ask me, as a result i would only promote 1-2 products at a time. What a snail’s pace way of kick starting one’s affiliate business?  That was until i signed up with Clickbank Pirate. This product is so useful for both beginners as well as experienced affiliates.  A group of products is handpicked for you each month, coming with promotion tools, including a fully monetised blog. You get your own landing page for the products you sell meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing your buyers to the seller. What normally happens when you are selling products directly from clickbank is:- you drive traffic to the seller’s landing page, meaning that you lose the chance to do follow ups with the customer as well as offer related purchases. With clickbank pirate, once a customer signs up for a free report, they get linked to you for life, any future purchases they make through the follow up emails that clickbank pirate does for you; are credited to your affiliate ID.

If you want a sustainable online business, I really recommend that you try out Clickbank Pirate . Did i mentioned the 60 day money back guarantee??