That’s right, I spend a lot of time making perfect sales funnels that entice visitors to opt-in and eventually get sold to products. Unfortunately my sales recently plummeted and I was barely making a fraction of what I was used to. I was asking around and it turns out that this is actually a pretty common problem and that most people really have no idea what they’re doing wrong.
The truth? They aren’t doing anything wrong!
There’s actually a quite possibly MORE disturbing thing happening. A large percentage of computers now have some sort of spyware on them and more recently there are spyware programs that will change affiliate links on the host’s computer from your affiliate ID to the spyware creator’s. That means you’re doing all of the work and they’re STEALING your sales!
If you’re making less sales that you expect to – or more than you normally make – it is very possible that this is your problem. With your current links there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop this problem either. The solution?
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Normally people run off to a URL shortening service or something and get a different URL so it can’t be edited, but I would NOT recommend that you do that. More than likely you’ll pick one of the many services that will break affiliate cookies and you won’t get the sell anyways. More recently though there have been a few link cloaking services that are directly related to affiliate marketing – these are the ones that you want.
The best ones of these will be hosted on your own site and allow you to change the links, etc. You probably shouldn’t try and make your own redirect script (unless you’re a programmer) – you might end up not having affiliate cookies still.
I asked around for a program that can do just this and was instead redirected to a report about link cloaking. It’s over 15 pages of information about link cloaking and why you need to do it. If you’re serious about getting the sales that you deserve and stopping thieves in their track, I recommend you download it as well.
The report is titled ‘Cloak & Dagger Affiliate Secrets’ and you can find it right here. This will take you through the reasons to use link cloaking, as well as the different ways that people can hijack links.
It recommends ‘Phantom Link Cloaker’ (PLC) which is a great cloaking service that runs on your website. Recently ‘PLC’ was upgraded to version two and a ton of new features were added. You can find ‘Phantom Link Cloaker’ here if you have already read the report or are already convinced to look into a link cloaking service.
Click Here To Download Your Free Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets Report.