Once you understand how this whole business works, it’s really pretty obvious. Most novice affiliates never make any money for one simple reason-people cannot find their websites or blogs. If your site does not appear on the first page of Google or other major search engines, then chances are you won’t generate any traffic to your site and you will not make money. If you are trying to get people to buy your products, you are going to need to make yourself known and this is where most affiliates go wrong.
The fact is, many people jump straight into affiliate marketing, creating beautiful sites filled with banners, graphics and flowing prose, but they don’t make any money. We need to understand that search engines like google are looking for written content and not your picture gallery. Honestly speaking, you can perfect the appearance later, you need to make sure that your website is visible. We call this search engine optimisation-a fancy word really referring to achieving visibility of your website or blog. You can optimise your website by:-
•Driving traffic to your website or blog through participating in forums (using your links as signatures-always). One of my favourites is the Work at Home Forum . This again depends on your niche market, if it health related products then you’d rather look for realted forums.
•Add content to your blog or website almost daily. Google loves new content.
•Optimise your content by researching your keywords to understand how frequently visitors look for them.
•Facebook and Twitter are very instrumental when it comes to boosting your search engine optimisation efforts. Take advantage of these free tools.
This article is really a guide on how you can avoid affiliate failure but by no means exhaustive. Do your reasearch but most importantly, do not get stuck on the research phase. You need to implement what you learn asyou go along.


New online affiliates like me get bombarded with advertisements and all sorts of websites and tools promising to help me make money working from home. You eventually find yourself sifting through this information, with new information coming through everyday, only to realize six months later that you have not even scratched the surface as far as starting your online business is concerned.


At some point you have to start marketing the products and kick-start your online business. This is how I would go about it:-


  1. Obviously somebody has introduced you to affiliate marketing, most of the time it is someone who owns a website and has some level of success already.
  2. Decide what you are passionate about; this is to be your niche. I know I have always been passionate about developing business ideas and finding ways to make money online, so this is developing to be my niche.
  3. Investigate tools that will help you generate traffic and achieve search engine optimization. This could be PPC, blogging, forums, email, facebook, twitter, traffic exchanges. The list could go on, but I will not refer you to particular links here as I know how frustrating that can be already.
  4. Decided based on your circumstances, what will work for you. I love sharing and writing, therefore I am trying my hand at blogging and forums. I do some twitter as well.
  5. Now organize your business, decide on the number of products you are going to promote. Clickbank Pirate takes care of this already as they group the affiliate products for you, monetize your blog, as well as do follow up marketing to your prospects. So this I would highly recommend if you are starting out. This means you don’t need to individually promote each clickbank affiliate link.
  6. Implement your marketing strategy at this point. Start promoting your online business using the tools you have selected.
  7. Be consistent when doing this, post on your blog daily, contribute to the forums daily, and update your fans/followers on facebook and twitter daily.  This could take you an hour a day. Search engines like Google really love new content, so this could help you to drive traffic to your sites.
  8. Try doing this for 3-6 months. It is bound to yield some results.



What does that mean? I just tried to edit my profile and when i save it gives me this message.


Clickbank Pirate makes it so easy to optimise clickbank, especially for a beginner. When i signed up as a clickbank affiliate, i did not have a website so i was very frustrated that i needed to do PPC campaigns for each product that I needed to sell. Quite costly if you ask me, as a result i would only promote 1-2 products at a time. What a snail’s pace way of kick starting one’s affiliate business?  That was until i signed up with Clickbank Pirate. This product is so useful for both beginners as well as experienced affiliates.  A group of products is handpicked for you each month, coming with promotion tools, including a fully monetised blog. You get your own landing page for the products you sell meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing your buyers to the seller. What normally happens when you are selling products directly from clickbank is:- you drive traffic to the seller’s landing page, meaning that you lose the chance to do follow ups with the customer as well as offer related purchases. With clickbank pirate, once a customer signs up for a free report, they get linked to you for life, any future purchases they make through the follow up emails that clickbank pirate does for you; are credited to your affiliate ID.

If you want a sustainable online business, I really recommend that you try out Clickbank Pirate . Did i mentioned the 60 day money back guarantee??


Thanks to Clickbank pirate I have made three sales on Clickbank!!!

My affiliate sales were getting stolen by link hijackers!

A couple weeks ago I noticed I was suddenly making a lot less sales than I was used too. Now I wasn’t quite sure what was causing this – especially since this is normally one of the best times of my year for selling. I went ahead and remade my opt-in pages and rewrote my entire sales funnel and split tested. The results? Absolutely no difference, it was converting at under 5%… that’s atrocious!
After spending some time talking to others and trying to get to the bottom of this I realized why I wasn’t making sales – or rather, why I wasn’t getting credit for the sales that I actually WAS making. Apparently there is a new problem called link hijacking that is becoming more and more prevalent with affiliate marketing. Basically this means that no matter how good my sales funnel was, or how many people it convinced to buy a product, I wouldn’t get any sales.
I guess I should quickly explain how link hijacking works. There are two different ways with the second being more common and more easily avoidable – if you know how.
The first way is that when you direct someone to a product, they change the affiliate ID to their own to credit themselves with the sell. This is hard to stop because they know what they’re doing and are most likely an affiliate themselves. This is just something you have to get used to, but this shouldn’t affected your sales nearly as much as the next way.
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The other thing that can cause you to not get credit for a sale is spyware. More notably a new type of spyware that is now invading the internet that will automatically change affiliate ID’s to those of the spyware’s creators. That means that the more work you put into making sells, the more sells you are making – for the creator of that spyware!
One way to mostly fix the first problem and completely fix the second problem is through the process of link cloaking. This means that you hide the url to the website with your own redirect cloak so that spyware can’t change the affiliate ID and users can’t find it to change it themselves.
You may have heard of services such as TinyURL or Bit.LY, these are great services for shortening URLs, but they shouldn’t be used for link cloaking because they often break affiliate cookies (which means you won’t get credit for sales). Instead you should find one of the link cloaks available specifically for affiliate marketing.
I recommend you download this report, ‘Cloak & Dagger Affiliate Secrets’. It covers link cloaking, how to do it, and the best services for affiliate marketing. If you’re sick of missing out on sales that you should be making, or you just don’t want it to happen to you, you should at least read through this report. I’m offering it to you for FREE – so there’s no risk at all.
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Ah-ha! I’ve finally discovered why I wasn’t making any sells with affiliate marketing!

That’s right, I spend a lot of time making perfect sales funnels that entice visitors to opt-in and eventually get sold to products. Unfortunately my sales recently plummeted and I was barely making a fraction of what I was used to. I was asking around and it turns out that this is actually a pretty common problem and that most people really have no idea what they’re doing wrong.
The truth? They aren’t doing anything wrong!
There’s actually a quite possibly MORE disturbing thing happening. A large percentage of computers now have some sort of spyware on them and more recently there are spyware programs that will change affiliate links on the host’s computer from your affiliate ID to the spyware creator’s. That means you’re doing all of the work and they’re STEALING your sales!
If you’re making less sales that you expect to – or more than you normally make – it is very possible that this is your problem. With your current links there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop this problem either. The solution?
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Normally people run off to a URL shortening service or something and get a different URL so it can’t be edited, but I would NOT recommend that you do that. More than likely you’ll pick one of the many services that will break affiliate cookies and you won’t get the sell anyways. More recently though there have been a few link cloaking services that are directly related to affiliate marketing – these are the ones that you want.
The best ones of these will be hosted on your own site and allow you to change the links, etc. You probably shouldn’t try and make your own redirect script (unless you’re a programmer) – you might end up not having affiliate cookies still.
I asked around for a program that can do just this and was instead redirected to a report about link cloaking. It’s over 15 pages of information about link cloaking and why you need to do it. If you’re serious about getting the sales that you deserve and stopping thieves in their track, I recommend you download it as well.
The report is titled ‘Cloak & Dagger Affiliate Secrets’ and you can find it right here. This will take you through the reasons to use link cloaking, as well as the different ways that people can hijack links.
It recommends ‘Phantom Link Cloaker’ (PLC) which is a great cloaking service that runs on your website. Recently ‘PLC’ was upgraded to version two and a ton of new features were added. You can find ‘Phantom Link Cloaker’ here if you have already read the report or are already convinced to look into a link cloaking service.
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3 Steps to Affiliate Success

Succeeding as an online affiliate marketer is a journey that many people begin, but few carry out to completion. With such lucrative financial rewards available, so many people are attracted to affiliate marketing. However, in order to realise the true affiliate dream, there’s a massive amount of learning and testing that comes into play. Far too many people are off-put by the false promises and the deceptive signals of massive Clickbank cheques. Instead of focusing on the rewards, the true path towards massive affiliate marketing success rests with a focus on the individual steps that will help you there. By paving your way, you can ensure that you have a complete knowledge of all of the steps that will help you achieve those massive paycheques, thousands of units sold, and massive online and offline benefits.

Step 1: Minimise your desires and maximise your forward vision.
It’s easy to focus on the rewards and the massive paycheques, but hard to put in the discipline and deliberate practice that is necessary in order to get there. Instead of blinding your affiliate success with unrealistic targets and online earnings schedules, focus on learning the ropes and setting goals that you can achieve while learning the fundamentals. When you take your eyes off the prize and focus on the individual steps that make up the journey there, you minimise your wasted time and allow yourself to truly focus on achieving the affiliate success that you deserve.

Step 2: Use a Stoic approach to your marketing journey.
Affiliate marketing is in many ways a truly mathematical domain, with successful marketing campaigns built on statistics, click-through rates, and sales percentages. When you have so much time invested into your marketing campaigns, it’s easy to take the emotional approach when things don’t go according to plan. Instead, take the stoic approach, and allow yourself to only ever focus on the aspects of your marketing that you can control. Don’t get upset over factors outside of your control, instead spend your time focusing on the factors that you have direct control and influence over.

Step 3: Experiment, micro-test, and spread your markets wide.
There’s a lot to be said on micro-testing for affiliate marketers. When you’re running campaigns on hundreds of different products at once, it’s easy to see how the marketing tests and sales copy audits can get out of hand. As much as dropping the non-effective aspects of your sales pages is a mainstay of affiliate marketing, dropping the non-successful products is often a smart business strategy for affiliate marketers. Rather than spending all of your time focusing on revenue, focus on time to revenue percentages, and the time costs that come with your marketing campaigns. Marketing is all about maximising results for their cost, so make sure that your time doesn’t get diluted in your marketing efforts. This tip will help you both balance your work and life, and properly value your time and efforts when picking affiliate products.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, check out the free Way to High Selling Markets  report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clinkbank Pirate .

Ready To Create A Passive Affiliate Income?

Have you heard the incredible success storied about affiliate marketers pulling in thousands of dollars per day? They’re inspiring, motivational, and all too often suspicion-raising. It’s funny — we’re raised to believe that success will come to us with enough work, but when we’re introduced to it face to face, we often miss the true point of it. While it’s easy to see the profiles of affiliate marketers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars and think that it’s not possible, it’s much more valuable and worthwhile to see those affiliate marketers and scientifically deconstruct their behaviour to see just what nets them such a huge income.

The thing is, most people don’t even want a massive income. What they truly want is the lifestyle that comes in tow when you’re pulling in a massive income. Instead of having ten-thousand dollars to spend every month, you can just as effectively live your life with ten thousand dollars worth of time. This is where affiliate marketing truly comes into its own category — by allowing you to maximise both your available time, and your available income.

Passive income is the most powerful tool of all for affiliate marketers. It’s the true height of success — having both a lucrative online income along with the time to truly enjoy it. Being able to focus your time on achieving personal goals, maximising your personal abilities, all the while being able to almost completely ignore the stresses of work and a modern office. No wonder the most successful affiliate marketers are eager to share their success — when you’re living a life like that you naturally want to share the secrets with others too.

So how can you achieve this level of affiliate success? It all starts with picking a highly profitable product that doesn’t require a huge deal of maintenance or busy work. This free report is packed full of information on picking the best affiliate products for marketing, and optimising them to allow you to collect the maximum profits with the minimum input.

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By applying these principles, you can free yourself from the confinement of an office, liberate yourself from a constrictive schedule, and finally enjoy life on your terms. No more poor compensation, no more endless busy work, just pure entrepreneurship and ultra-optimised working.

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Double Your Affiliate Earnings!

Are you getting tired of having your affiliate pages trickle in money? You’ve no doubt heard stories of the most successful affiliate marketers, and about how they’ve optimised their affiliate marketing campaigns to not just trickle money, but shoot money at the speed of sound, straight into their Clickbank accounts. The most successful internet marketers no longer care about building the most pages, or covering the most bases. What makes the most successful and wealthy internet marketers tick is their ability to maximise their outputs, supercharge their affiliate returns, and minimise their time and effort inputs.

So how can working less help you earn more? It comes down to a simple truth about the way we work. When we create massive amounts of time for ourselves to work in, the temptation for dawdling, busy-work, and less valuable work creeps its ugly head into our work minds. Instead of focusing on the most important and valuable tasks, we spend more and more time mastering the trivial and poorly-earning campaigns and product marketing tools. Instead of auditing our time and determining its value, we spend hour after hour chasing after every extra cent, and missing the true value of the best affiliate marketing ideas.

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Let’s do a simple exercise. Take your five most successful affiliate marketing campaigns, and your five least successful. These can be eBooks, courses, or physical products. All that matter is that we’re comparing the extremes. Perform a time audit on both of the sets of products by using the following questions:

Which set of products brings in the most consistent earnings?
Which set of products costs me the most in terms of personal time?
Which set of products requires the least maintenance and monitoring?

Often, we’ll find that the differences in terms of time input between our least and most successful products isn’t all that different. While some of them offer a massive amount of income per hour of time input, the others require a lot of attention and seem to yield very few major financial benefits.

So where do you go from here? The best way to take your high performing products to the next level is by applying the principles and advice found in this free report. If you’re growing tired of spending time on products that simply don’t sell, it’s best to discard them and optimise those that do perform in order to achieve truly masterful sales through them. By using the knowledge and information from this free report, you can maximise your sales success and minimise your time and stress levels.

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